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Cats: Tigers

© written by Tasha Guenther

Tigers are part of the species, Felidae, in the subspecies, Pantherinae. Tigers are solitary hunters and have been described as the perfect killing machines. Surprisingly, their vibrant, unique striped coat is perfect camouflage for their environment. The dark stripes against a dark background helps to break up a tiger’s body outline, making it almost impossible to see – scary stuff!


Tigers can communicate by marking trees with their claws or scent. This scent marking also helps when it comes time for tigers to reproduce.

Tigers and leopards are solitary creatures because of their environments. This is because, as opposed to lions, who live in the African safari plains (open habitat), tigers and leopards live in the jungle (closed habitat).

Tigers have been known to attack humans; human encroachment on tigers’ habitats is detrimental to their survival and endangering to the species as a whole.