KidZone History: Brazil


View of the Amazon River from above

Photographed by Rodrigo Kugnharski on Unsplash

Brazil remained a Portuguese colony for many years but the beginning of independence came in the early 1800's. Fearing Napoleon Bonaparte's reign of terror from France, the Portuguese king fled into hiding in Brazil. Eventually he returned to Europe in 1820 leaving his son, Pedro as regent in Brazil. Pedro had his own plans and in 1822 declared Brazil as an independent country, crowning himself Emperor Pedro I.

Pedro I reigned for only 9 years and due to pressure from Brazilian parliament, abdicated in 1831. This left his five year old son Pedro II on the throne. In 1840, after many corrupt regents, Pedro II was finally declared emperor at the age of 14. Across his rule discontent built towards the monarchy and eventually he was overthrown in 1889.