KidZone History: Brazil


1500AD - Portuguese sailors discover South America attempting to sail an alternative route to India.

1532AD - Portugal begins colonisation of Brazil.

1549AD - Brazil formerly becomes a colony of Portugal.

1565AD - The city of Rio de Janeiro is founded.

1763AD - Natural minerals are discovered in the centre of the country. The interior of the country opened up and cattle ranching developed.

1820AD - The Portuguese king returns home after spending exile in Brazil avoiding Napoleon Bonaparte. He leaves his son, Predro I, as regent.

1822AD - Pedro I declares Brazilian independence from Portugal, becoming the Emperor of Brazil.

1831AD - After extensive harrasment by parliament, Pedro I abdicates leaving 5 year old son Pedro II as emperor.

1840AD - After a series of regents, Pedro II becomes emperor.

1864AD - The War of the Triple Alliance occurs. Brazil, Uruguay and Argentine defeat Paraguay.

1888AD - Slavery is abolished in Brazil, setting four million people free.

1889AD - A military revolt forces Pedro II to abdicate.

1914AD - The First World War begins, Brazil sides with the Allies.

1939AD - The Second World War begins, Brazil sides with the Allies taking part in the invasion of Italy.

1960AD - The capital city of Brazil is moved to Brasilia.

1964AD - A military coup occurs.

1985AD - Brazil returns to a democracy.

2011AD - Dilma Rousseff becomes the first woman president in Brazilian history.

2014AD - Brazil hosts the Soccer World Cup.