KidZone History: UK

Roman Invasion

Roman Architecture

Photographed by Brianna Tozour on Unsplash

Before the Romans invaded the UK, little was known about the area and has only been discovered recently by archaeological digs. At this time, the UK was on the edge of the known world and was dominated by tribal and regional powers. The Romans originally invaded led by Julius Ceasar but withdrew. They returned again and settled the UK with great success, turing it into a Roman province.

The people of the UK accepted Roman rule in different ways. Lowland peoples, used to urban and commercial livlihoods grew into the roman way of life quickly. Romanisation was especially noticable in the upper classes. Despite this, people of the highlands and Wales did not appreciate Roman rule and all and at times violently fought back.

To attempt to reduce these aggressive rebellions, Roman emperor Hadrian declared that a wall be built between England and Scotland. However, in the end the Romans withdrew from the UK and the culture returned to that of regional powers warring for dominance.