KidZone History: UK


2200BC - Stonehenge is completed

55BC - Julius Ceasar invades Britain and then withdraws

43AD - Romans invade Britain and create a new Roman province

50AD - Romans found London, called Londinium at the time

122AD - Roman Emperor Hadrian orders a wall to be built between England and Scotland

410AD - Romans leave

450AD - Anglo Saxons settle in the UK

597AD - Christianity is introduced by St. Augustine

617AD - Regions establish themselves as kingdoms, with Northumbria dominating

793AD - Vikings arrive

878AD - Alfred the Great raises an army and defeats Viking invaders

1016AD - After the Saxons defeated the Vikings, Danes invade and Canute becomes King

1066AD - Norman conquest occurs and William the Conquerer becomes King

1078AD - Construction of the Tower of London begins

1215AD - King John is forced to sign the Magna Carta

1297AD - William Wallace leads Scots against the English

1337AD - The Hundred Years War begins against France

1349AD - Black Death hits England

1415AD - English defeat French at Battle of Agincourt

1453AD - Hundred Years War comes to an end

1455AD - War of the Roses begins

1485AD - War of the Roses ends as Henry Tudor becomes King

1536AD - England and Wales are joined in the Act of Union

1558AD - Elizabeth I begins her reign

1588AD - Sir Francis Drake leads the English Navy to defeat the Spainish Armada

1591AD - Shakespeare begins writing and performing

1602AD - James I united England and Scotland under his rule

1605AD - Guy Fawkes and his co conspirators attempt to blow up parliament

1620AD - Pilgrims sail for America aboard the Mayflower

1666AD - The Great Fire of London

1707AD - England and Scotland are officially united

1770AD - Industrial Revolution begins

1776AD - United States of America declares independence from the British Empire

1805AD - The British Navy defeats Napoleon at Trafalgar

1837AD - Queen Victoria ascends to the throne

1854AD - Crimean War begins

1914 to 1918AD - World War I

1921AD - Ireland is granted independence

1928AD - Women gain equal voting rights

1939 to 1945AD - World War II

1952AD - Queen Elizabeth II ascends to the throne

1979AD - Margaret Thatcher becomes the first femame prime minister

1982AD - The Falklands War

1991AD - UK joins the USA for the Gulf War

2003AD - The Iraq War begins

2016AD - The UK declares independence from the European Union