Alphabet recognition worksheetAlphabet Recognition Games

© Contributed by Leanne Guenther

GAME #1:  Alphabet Matching

One of my viewers wrote in with a suggestion for an alphabet matching game and I thought it would be nice to add it to the site.  The main game encourages children to match upper and lower case letters.  I've also added an ASL version and a few versions that allow children to trace letters in various fonts.

Note:  If you laminate the template pieces, you can draw on them with white board marker or crayola washable markers and then wipe off the pieces when you're done.  This is especially useful for the standard printing, script type printing and Cursive tracer options.

CLICK HERE for game instructions and templates to get you started .


GAME #2:  The Disappearing Alphabet

Here is a game you can play with your child to help them learn to recognize the alphabet.

CLICK HERE for game instructions and templates to get  you started .


GAME #3:  Alphabet Recognition

The link below will generate a worksheet with the upper case and lower case letters in random order.  Print the worksheet and then sit down with your child and go over the worksheet one letter at a time asking them to tell you what letter it is.  You can make it more challenging by asking them to tell you what sound the letter makes.