Consonants - General Ideas

Grade Level:  Kindergarten

Sharing Time:  

In a classroom or daycare setting, have one day each week designated as sharing time.  Allow the children to bring an object from home that begins with one of the consonants you've been working on during the week.  For example, during the week where you're learning letters m, r and v they might bring a book about the moon, a toy van or a race car.

If you're working at home, allow the child to have a similar weekly sharing time with a sibling, grandparent, parents group or with mom and dad.

Encourage the child to make eye contact with the people they are talking to.

Have the children (or grownups) who are listening, ask a couple of questions about the item being shared.

Consonant BINGO:

On a 3x3 grid (like a tic-tac-toe board) have the children write down the consonants you have learned so far.  The teacher or parent should say words (doll, van, book, etc).  The children should mark off the letters used on their boards.

You can use the same activity later on for final letters of words.


The children should each be given a consonant.  You can give sheets of paper with consonants written on them or items (like a toy doll).  The teacher or parent should say words.  Each time a word is said that begins with the same letter as theirs the child should stand up.  If a word is said with a different letter than theirs they should sit down.

You can use the same activity later on for final letters of words.