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common midwife toad
male Common Midwife Toad looking after the eggs
source:  wikicommons
photographer:  Christian Fischer

Common Midwife Toad

The common midwife toad is found in Europe. 

The special thing about them is how they deal with their eggs -- the female frog lays the eggs on the male in a string.  The male wraps the string around his legs and keeps them with him, guarding them from predators until they hatch.  Way to go dad!!

As soon as the eggs are ready to hatch, the male enters the water and allows the tadpoles to swim away -- at which point his job is done.

When a midwife toad is threatened, it fills itself with air, puffing up as big as it can.  It may also push itself up on all four legs, standing as tall as possible.  For the midwife toad in danger, bigger is better!


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