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Frogs have many predators.  Animal predators include birds, fish and reptiles.

Most rainforest frogs have pads of sticky hairs on their fingers and toes, as well as, loose sticky skin on their bellies, that make them great climbers to escape their predators.  Many of these frogs live in high trees for safety.

Other frogs are very good at camouflaging themselves so that they blend in with their environment, making it harder for their enemies to find them.  A frog can change the colour of its skin depending on its surroundings.

Humans have become a major danger for amphibians of all types.  Water pollution is causing many deformities in frogs as well as poisoning them, and loss of habitat through the building of roads and houses.   In some countries, frog’s legs are considered a delicacy, which means that people love to eat them! Eew!

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