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Printables for use with children's books.

Books for Children



Jimmy's Boa and the Bungee Jump Slam Dunk
Author: Trinka Hakes Noble

Never Fear, Snake My Dear!
Author: Rolf Siegenthaler

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
Author: Trinka Hakes Noble

The Great Snake Escape
Author: Molly Coxe

The Last Snake in Ireland: A Story About St.  Patrick
Author: Sheila Macgill-Callahan



African Rock Pythons (World's Largest Snakes)
Author: Valerie J.  Weber

Eyewitness: Reptile
Author: Colin McCarthy

SeeMore Readers Giant Snakes
Author: Seymour Simon

Desert Animals: Rattlesnakes (Pebble Books)
Author: Emily Rose Townsend

Slinky, Scaly, Slithery Snakes
Author: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Time For Kids: Snakes!
Author: Editors of TIME For Kids

Author: Melissa Gish

Author: Jeff Corwin

The Fascinating World of Snakes
Author: Maria Angels Julivert

Welcome to the World of Snakes
Author: Diane Swanson

Why Do Snakes Hiss?: And Other Questions About Snakes, Lizards, and Turtles
Author: Joan Holub