KidZone Math
Dynamic Math Worksheets - Grade Three

Dynamic Worksheets are those that will regenerate unique worksheets each time you click 'generate new worksheet'.

Always remember that grade levels are not absolutes.  Some kindergarten children will find the Grade One worksheets useful as will some Grade Two students.  Use your judgment!

Color code key:


LEVEL ONE:  add and subtract three digit numbers

LEVEL TWO:  add three numbers from 10 to 99

LEVEL THREE:  add and subtract four digit numbers

LEVEL FOUR:  four digit number magic squares - add or subtract across and down to see the relationships in addition and subtraction.  Great self-checking review (the sums of the answers across = the sums of the answers down making it possible for the children to check their own answers)

LEVEL FIVE:  four digit addition and subtraction tables (add or subtract a number from a table of 4 different numbers)

LEVEL SIX:  add and subtract decimal numbers



LEVEL SEVEN:  multiply one number from 10 to 100 and one number from 0 to 10

LEVEL EIGHT:  Write the missing factors (between 1 and 10)

LEVEL NINE:  Division - single digit quotient without remainders

LEVEL TEN:  Division - double digit quotient without remainders

Geometry:  Lines  (parallel, horizontal, vertical)

Themed math word problems are also available at a Grade 3 level.