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Collecting Autumn Leaves

A note from Tasha:  I live in Alberta.  Autumn is very short here.  Ms.  Spooner is my Grade Two teacher.  She went to Montreal, Quebec and brought back maple leaves for everyone in the class.

I asked my mom if we could do something special with the leaves.  She was working on a leaf collector album for her website.  She agreed to put it in my website instead.  We had a lot of fun filling it out and collecting a lot of leaves.

leaf collectors templateNote:  The templates are found at the bottom of this page.


Tasha had a lot of fun working on the leaf collector album (Laurie from Indiana had originally suggested it -- thanks Laurie!).  I'd originally intended to put it on the DLTK's site, but she enjoyed it so much we put it on her KidZone site instead.

I've found that since the middle of grade one, Tasha has enjoyed collecting everything from rocks to beanie babies.  The leaf album was the perfect project for her.

You'll notice that we've included templates for common groups of trees (maple, poplar, birch, oak, etc), but have not split into "species" of tree.  So -- the maple template would be used for the Sugar Maple, the Silver Maple, etc.   If your children are more advanced collectors, they can fill in the species in the "Type of Tree" line

For early grade school children, just figuring out which is a maple leaf and which is an ash leaf is likely challenging enough.



How to display the leaves on the templates:

There are a number of ways to put the leaves onto the templates:


Blank (Mystery) Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)

Ash Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)  

Birch Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)

Elder Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W

Maple Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)

Oak Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)

Poplar Leaves   (color)    or    (B&W)