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Cats: Dinner

© written by Tasha Guenther

Cats are expert predators. As said in the introduction, all cats are carnivores.

Lionness hunting

Photographer, Schuyler Shepherd; used with permission
under C.C. BY-SA 2.5

Lions are unique when it comes to dinner because only the female lions (lionesses) do the hunting! A lion’s diet consists of medium-sized mammals such as, zebra, buffalo, wild boar, and gazelle. However, they do not prey on adult elephants, giraffes, rhinos, or hippos – they must be careful what they attack!


Tiger hunting

Brocken Ingaglory; used with permission under GDFL 1.2

Tigers prey on deer, buffalo, and wild boar. A tiger will mark his or her prey with a special scent that lets other tigers know it’s his or hers.


Leopard kill

Photographer, Nick; used with permission under C.C. 4.0

Leopards are also unique because they can hunt in trees and will eat almost anything made of meat.


Cheetah hunting fawn

"Cheetah hunting fawn"; used with permission under C.C. 4.0

And cheetahs prey on smaller herbivores such as gazelle, springbok, and impala (antelope).