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Word Families - ake, ate

The word families ake & ate demonstrate the long vowel a sound.  


Free Word Family Activities

  1. Draw the word families:  draw a picture of the following word families in action!
    • The snake swam in the lake.
    • Kate went for a skate.
  2. Create your own word family sentences using the ones above as a model.  Try to create at least one sentence for each family.
  3. Create a short rhyme using your word families.  This is a good activity to do as a group.  Here are some examples:

    Eek!  I think I see a snake.
    Crawling 'round my birthday cake.

    I tried to get in through the grate.
    Because I didn't like the gate.

  4. Other activities:
    • 'AKE' and word family:  Bake a cake - it isn't every day you'll have such a tasty word family to work with!
    • 'ATE' word family:  We baked the cake and then we ATE it.
  5. Use the free printable worksheets provided to reinforce the activities.
  6. Flash card activities:

    These cards can be used for sentence building with the sentence sequencing activities.

    Print two copies of this worksheet to play "concentration" (the memory game).  Or print the flash card worksheets from a number of word families to play "go fish" or "snap".


Flash cards for the word families (6 each)  [ake]   [ate]