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Word Families - ale, ame, ay

The word families ale, ame and ay demonstrate the long vowel a sound.  

I'm torn -- it might be better to introduce the word families ale and ame together (they are both long a vowels with the 'e' at the end to make the long a sound) and then introduce the ay word family in a separate lesson.  If your child caught onto set 5 (ate and ake) quite easily, you can introduce ale, ame and ay together as one large lesson.  If your child struggled with ate and ake, split this into two lessons:  (1)  ale and ame;  (2)  ay.


Free Printable Word Family Phonics Worksheets

  1. Draw a line from the picture to the word   [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  2. Fill in the blank and draw the sentence       [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  3. Fill in the blanks to make the right word     [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  4. Flash cards for the word families (6 each)  [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  5. List of Word Family words (in color)         [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  6. ...                             (in B&W)         [ale]   [ame]   [ay]
  7. Word Endings printouts (Flash Cards)


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