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Word Families
Spelling Go Fish - Instructions and Printables

Print one set of the word family endings flash cards (whichever word endings you are working on).  If you are only working on one or two word families, you'll need to print out multiple sets.  Basically, you at least 6 word family flash cards per player in your 'deck' -- so for two players, you'll need at least a dozen word family flash cards.

Print one set of each of the lower case letters flash cards.  To make the game a little easier, you can discard some of the uncommon letters (ex:  j, x, z) and print 2 or 3 copies of the common letters (ex:  r, s, t).

Just like normal 'go fish', lay all the cards face down in a pile in the center of the play area.  Each player should pick 7 cards.

Player 1:  

Player 2 repeats the same process.

The game continues until someone has build 5 words (you can lower it to 3 words if you're working with beginner spellers).



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