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Word Family Card Game

Print out at least eight copies of the word endings printouts for the word families you wish to practice and at least two copies of the lower case letters printouts.   You can throw out some of the letters (like Z, Y, O, etc if that makes things easier).

Cut out the cards and attach to cardstock/laminate as desired.

Shuffle the cards and "deal" 3 to 5 cards per player (depending on how many players you have).  Place the remaining cards face down in the middle.  Flip over the top card and lie it face up beside the face down pile.  (You end up with a face up and a face down card).

STEP 1:  the player can choose to:

STEP 2:  the player can then choose to:

THEN the player sounds out the word family word they made (if they made one) and it is the next player's turn.

If doing this with younger players, you can print out the "Printable List of Word Family Words" in either color or black and white for them to peek at when playing the game.