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Word Families
Word Wall

Set up a word wall in the classroom.  My favorite ways to do a word wall are using:

  • a felt board (glue small pieces of sandpaper or felt onto the back of each letter and ending to make them stick to the felt board)
  • using magnets (sticky magnet backings are available inexpensively at local craft or department stores.  It doesn't take much magnet to keep things hanging up).  This is a great alternative for teachers who have white boards in the classroom.  Magnets stick to most white boards (this also works on the refrigerator at home!).

Put a number of the letters in a pouch in front of the work area.  Hang one of the phonics endings on the work area.  Allow the children to attach letters to the work area in front of the phonics ending to experiment with forming words.

STAGE 1:  only provide letters that actually form a word with the phonics ending you are using.  This allows the children to practice sounding out words.

STAGE 2:  provide all the letters and have the children work at deciding which form words and which don't.