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Word Families
How to Use the Printouts

Here's how I use the printouts:  I like to introduce two or three word families at a time.  The families I introduce have something in common (ex:  all short vowel families, all long vowel families, all families that end with an \e\, etc).

The order I do my lessons is as follows  (all of the sheets mentioned in dark green can be found for each word family in the Free Printable Worksheets Sections -- links to these sections can be found here):

And that's pretty much it...  I introduce a new set of word families each week and just repeat the process.  I change the games around a little bit, sometimes we color a bit more, sometimes we make a craft or two that supports the word family we're working on, sometimes we read a bit more -- we've even been known to 'bake a cake' *grin*.  But the above gives the basic outline of how I introduce word families.


Other suggestions:

Print out the lower case letter flash cards and the phonics (word families) flash cards.  You can print all of the endings or just work on one sheet at a time.

Cut out the squares.  If you want them to last longer as a flash card type activity, print them on cardstock or glue them onto cardstock after printing.  You can also laminate or cover with clear contact paper.

Here are some activities you might do with worksheets: